Prince George’s County Opens Three 24-Hour Cooling Centers

Animal Shelter Without Power



Hyattsville, MD – The Prince George’s County Office of Emergency Management has opened three 24-hour cooling centers in the County that residents can use to find refuge from the heat.   The centers are located in the north, central and south sections of the County.


The County Animal Shelter is now without power.  Residents who have pets that need shelter should call (301) 780-7200.


24-Hour Cooling Centers



Kentland Community Center

2411 Pinebrook Avenue

Landover, MD



Prince George’s Plaza Community Center

6600 Adelphi Road

Hyattsville, MD



Accokeek Academy

14400 Berry Road
Accokeek,  MD 

Cooling centers are temporary air conditioned public spaces set-up for residents to prevent the health effects of a heat wave.  They are usually located at several sites throughout a jurisdiction and are not designed for lodging.   Residents who require overnight accommodations are encouraged to go to the shelter at Northwestern High School, 7000 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD.   In addition, residents who are in need of recharging their medical oxygen devices should go to one of the cooling centers, fire stations or the Northwestern High School shelter to charge their equipment. 


The Prince George’s County Fire Department reminds citizens to use battery operated lights and flash lights in lieu of candles.  A couple of post-storm fires that occurred were the result of residents using candles for light. In order to conserve cool air, residents are encouraged to use discretion in opening windows in order to keep cooler air inside as well as minimizing the time refrigerators and freezers are opened.  


The Prince George’s County Department of Family Services has been regularly communicating with all senior citizen, assisted living centers, and nursing homes in the County. Residents are encouraged to check on the elderly, neighbors, family members and those who may have special needs. 

The phone number to the Emergency Operation Center is 301-583-1950.


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