Prince George’s County Office of Emergency Management Reminds Residents to Check on Senior Neighbors, Friends, and Family Members

Hyattsville, MD – Prince George’s County’s excessive heat advisory continues today, Sunday, July 1, 2012. The Prince George’s County Office of Emergency Management and Department of Health recommend that all residents remain vigilant about checking in on family, friends, and neighbors, who are the senior members of our community or otherwise more vulnerable in the face of this heat.


The Prince George’s County Department of Family Services has been routinely checking in on senior centers, nursing homes, and other assisted living facilities since Friday evening. The Office of Emergency Management has notified the power companies of locations with a concentration of senior and assisted living facilities in order to prioritize the return of their power.


Now that we are ending our second day without power, it is critically important that we look out after our senior and elderly residents. If you know anyone in your neighborhood who is vulnerable to the heat,  please visit or call them and make sure they are feeling well.  The County has three 24-hour cooling centers, with other cooling centers open during the day. If any elderly or other vulnerable resident needs to get to a cooling center and needs transportation assistance, they can call the Emergency Operation Center at 301-583-1950.  For a list of current cooling centers, please go to:


Further, Prince George’s County’s Office of Emergency Management and Department of Health have released the following guidance for Home Oxygen during extended power outages:


  • Oxygen concentrators require power to function.  If you are experiencing a long term power failure, contact your oxygen therapy provider using the emergency number found on your equipment.
  • Compressed oxygen in cylinders does not require power, which makes them an excellent alternative during emergencies.

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