Prince George’s County Urges Motorists to Use Extreme Caution at Non-Functioning Intersections During Morning Rush Hour

LANDOVER, MARYLAND – Prince George’s County this evening announced that it has made significant progress in bringing traffic signals into operational mode at County-maintained intersections throughout the area.  Currently, only 12 traffic signals remain dark or on flash mode out of the original 40 left non-operational after Friday evening’s storm event.


Intersections with non-functioning traffic signals should be treated as a four-way stop.   All motorists must come to a complete stop and yield to those vehicles already stopped in the intersection.  Motorists are asked to use extreme caution, be aware of pedestrians and expect possible delays during rush hour.  Intersections with non-operational traffic signals on County-maintained roadways are:


  • Allentown Road at Steed Road
  • Woodyard Road at Mike Shapiro Drive
  • Woodward Road at Dower House Road
  • Woodyard Road at Marlboro Pike
  • Coventry Way at Branch Avenue/MD Route 5 Access Ramps
  • Mitchellville Road at Excalibur Drive
  • Mitchellville Road at Northview Drive
  • Mitchellville Road at Mount Oak Road
  • Garrett Morgan Boulevard at Garrett Morgan Metrorail Station
  • Garrett Morgan Boulevard at Ridgefield Road
  • Adelphi Road at Toledo Road
  • Marlboro Pike at Donnel Drive

In addition to County-maintained intersections, the State Highway Administration (SHA) reports that 54 traffic signals on State-maintained roadways in Prince George’s County remain non-operational.  On SHA major thoroughfares, motorists will be able to only travel in the direction of the main thoroughfare.  Where possible, Variable Messages Signs will be used to notify motorists of limited

left turn access.  No left turns will be permitted at major or heavily travelled State-maintained intersections.  Left turn lanes will be blocked with appropriate traffic control devices (i.e., reflectors, flashing lights and/or tape barriers).  Right turns onto major State-maintained thoroughfares will be marked with static yield or stop signs, dependent upon traffic volumes.

Major SHA-maintained intersections with non-operating traffic signals include:

  • MD Route 5 (Branch Avenue) at Naylor Road
  • MD Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) at the 5500 Block of Livingston Road
  • MD Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) at Fort Washington Road
  • MD Route 458 (Silver Hill Road) at Saint Barnabas Road
  • MD Route 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) at River Road
  • MD Route 1(Baltimore-Washington Boulevard) at Madison Avenue
  • MD Route 197 (Laurel-Bowie Road) at Montpelier Road
  • MD Route 197(Laurel-Bowie Road) at Contee Road
  • MD Route 197 (Collington Road) at MD Route 301 (North Crain Highway)
  • MD Route 450 (Annapolis Road) at Carters Lane
  • MD Route 450 (Annapolis Road) at MD Route 301 (North Crain Highway)
  • MD Route 450 (Annapolis Road) at Forbes Boulevard
  • MD Route 212 (Powder Mill Road) at Old Gunpowder Road




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